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Code 2 140 21 canon как исправить

Error code 2 140 200 for canon printer

No communication between scanner and computer

Posted by Anonymous on Mar 19, 2013

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I’m assuming you are running Windows XP! Is the driver for the scanner installed? Remember that the scanner driver is different from the printer driver! When you open My Computer does it show up? Also you can check in device manager as well! Go to Start->Run type devmgmt.msc and press enter! If you see any devices with a yellow icon then the drivers are not installed for it ! If there is an icon but a yellow exclamation beside then that means there is a problem with it! Try re-instlling he drivers if this is the case or un-install the device then re-install! If the drivers are already installed post back with the exact error you are getting(word for word)! Regards, babb

Posted on Apr 30, 2007

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Download and reinstall scanner software and scan driver

Posted on Nov 01, 2007

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I was having the same problem, and thanks to the person who posted solution number two which simply highlighted the fact that the apparently software that came with the Canon Pixma MX700 unit is not compatible with Window Vista.

The reason I was confused is because the printer was working perfectly fine across the network, but when I went to scan my computer would tell me that it can’t communicate with the scanner. I’m thinking . «well since you can communicate with the printer, you should be able to communicate with the scanner, after all, they’re the same device!»

As a workaround, I used a third party program to do the scan (in this case, Photoshop) and everything worked fine. If you have Photoshop, just go to file > import to start the scan. If you don’t have Photoshop, I would think whatever program you are using for image editing may have the same functionality.

Hope that helps,

Posted on Jan 11, 2009

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Scanner not work because printer need recognized both cartridges.In your case color cartridge is defective.Replace it and the message will disappear.

Posted on Oct 21, 2009

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Have you checked the obvious? The scanner lock switch is located on the bottom of the scanner back right corner. —Ted

Posted on Mar 05, 2010

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